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A girl getting a shoulder wedgie in her yellow and animal print thong making her get a wedgie from all sides.

There are uncountable variations of the regular wedgie, and this is a list of a few.

All Around Wedgie: The victim's underwear is pulled up from all sides. Usually performed by at least two people. As seen in the picture.

Arm-Leg Connection One person pulls near their leg while one pulls on their legs.

Ass-Taste Wedgie If the Victim is a thong wearer, yank the thong until it rips (make sure that it rips right between the butt cheeks, this will guarantee the taste). After that is done you have to yank the broken thong over the Victims head an shove the piece from between the butt cheeks into the victims mouth.

Atomic Wedgie: The victim's underwear is pulled up so that it goes over the victim's head or is completely ripped off. If over the head, the waistband can be hooked over the nose or in the mouth (adding insult to injury the victim will be blinded by their underwear and forced to taste it).

IMG 8076
Backward Wedgie: A wedgie where the victim has their underwear on backwards..

Blast Wedgie: The victim is wedgied with no pants on so their butt is completely exposed. Then water is shot directly at their butt, usually by a hose or water gun.

Bra Connection Wedgie (Always on a Girl): Give the girl a wedgie, unhook her bra and rehook it through the leg holes of her underwear.

Bouncing Wedgie: The victim is given a hanging wedgie then bounced around by it (ideally done on a trampoline, bouncy castle, or if the victim is on a space hopper; even when the victim is on a bed will help slightly).

Chair Wedgie: When the victim is sitting in a chair with a back, give the victim a wedgie. Once the underwear is high enough hook it over the top of the back of the chair.

Conga Wedgie: Stand behind your victim and hold onto their underwear, then have someone come up behind you and hold your underwear.

Copy Wedgie: Pants the victim, bind their hands, and give them a wedgie. Once their butt is fully exposed, lift them onto a copy machine and start making copies of their butt. For added humiliation write the victim's name across their butt cheeks.

Crane Wedgie: A wedgie from a crane.


Dangling Wedgie: The victim is given a wedgie with their feet just barely touching the ground.

Dragging Wedgie: When the victim is on the ground, grab their underwear and run.

Elevator Wedgie: Have someone hold the victim down, then grab their underwear, go into the elevator and go up.

Frontal Wedgie: A wedgie in the front


Front and Back Wedgie: The victim is given a wedgie from the front and back at the same time.

Gang Wedgie: Not so much a type of wedgie but more of a method. This is when there is more than one person wedging the victim at any given time. A gang wedgie can include any type of wedgie (hanging, atomic, messy, ect) as long as there is at least a 2:1 giver:receiver ratio.

Hanging Wedgie: A wedgie where the victim is high off the ground.

Jet Ski Wedgie: The victim is given a dragging wedgie, but across the surface of water.

Jock Lock Wedgie: The victim is given a wedgie with their feet pulled through the legholes of their underwear.

Picture 1

Jock lock wedgie

Messy Wedgie: Messy ingredients are placed in the victim's underwear (i.e. whipped cream, syrup, etc.) and they are given a wedgie.

Wedgie 44

Messy wedgie with whipped cream

No Pants Wedgie: The victim is given a wedgie with no pants on, exposing their bare butt.

Overalls Wedgie: The victim has overalls on, or is forced to put on overalls.  the straps are made as tight as possible, then the victimm is hung by the overall straps to create any variant of hanging/dangling wedgies. 

Pantsing Wedgie: The victim is pantsed, and when they reach down to pick up their pants, give them a wedgie.

Pile Driver Wedgie: The victim faces you and you put the victim's head between your legs. Reach forward and pull their underwear up their back. They'll get stuck, unable to move forward or move back. Be careful not to squeeze your legs around their neck.

Propeller Wedgie: A straight item (i.e. broom, hockey stick, etc.) is put through the legholes. Then you twirl the item, the victim will quickly receive a wedgie.

Picture 2

Utterly propeller wedgie

Scarecrow Wedgie: A victim is wedgied and a stick is put through their legholes and shirt sleave holes and then hung on a hook or wall.

Self Wedgie: A wedgie you give to yourself


Shoulder Wedgie: The victim's underwear is pulled high enough so that the leg holes are able to go over the victim's shoulders.

Picture 4

Side Wedgie: Instead of pulling up at the front or the back, grab a side of the victim’s underwear and pull up.

Slide Wedgie: When your victim is sitting at the top of a slide grab their underwear and push them down the slide. They won't get far if you keep a grip on their underwear. For fun you can pull them back up and push them back down again. If you think you can take it a step further, try tying a rope to the victim's underwear and then pushing them down. They'll be stuck halfway down the slide and if they manage to get off to the side they'll still have the rope attached to their underwear that will catch them as they fall.


Squeaky Clean Wedgie: The victim is given a normal wedgie, then a melvin, this is repeated several times.

Swirlie Wedgie: The victim is given a swirlie and a wedgie at the same time.

Tarzan Wedgie: A leghole of the victim's underwear is pulled high enough so that it can be pulled over the shoulder.

Uppercut Wedgie: Grab the victims's waistband and perform an uppercut while holding it in the hand you do the uppercut with. This will give them a large wedgie, but be sure not to connect them with your uppercut. This cannot be done to yourself unless you are double-jointed.

Utterly Undies: A wedgie in just underwear.

Utterly Undies

Utterly Undies

Vampire Wedgie: A wedgie given with the teeth.

Wedgie Bun: The victim is given a wedgie, then their underwear is tied around a belt loop on their pants.

Wedgie Hug: Walk up to your victim and give them a hug. Once your arms are around them, dig down into their pants and give them a wedgie.

Spanking Wedgie: Pull down the victim's pants and give them a wedgie, exposing their bare butt, then spank them as many times as you want.

Pull Wedgie: hang the victims underwear over some pole and make sure that their feet touch the ground. Then grab their arms and pull, giving them a wedgie. If someone else is there, they could spank the victim while getting a wedgie

Atomic wedgie

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Wedgie In Foreign LanguagesEdit

"Wedgie" or "Wedgies"  - Country of origin United States.

"Calzon Chino" - Country of origin Mexico and Many other countires in South America.

"Cuecão" - Country of origin South America.

"Hosenzieher" - Country of origin Germany.

"Tangazieher" - Country of origin Germany (if performed on a thong).

"Sparticulo" - Country of origin Italy.

"Chazao" - Country of origin South America.

"Tirage de slip" or "Tire slip" - Country of origin France.


Wedgies in the MediaEdit

Martian Mask1 Mask Wedgie Mask Wedgie 2 Mask Wedgie 3

In The Mask: The Animated Series, the main character, The Mask, is regularly seen impulsively administering atomic wedgies to Lt. Kellaway and Doyle when they are in pursuit of him, along with numerous villains and anyone else who might fall prey to his antics.

In Disney Channel's Jessie, Luke Ross dates a girl and his sister Emma Ross tells him that the girl's ex is going to wedgie him and everyone will see his Superman underwear. Also, in another episode Luke says he no longer wants to where a Superman costume for Halloween as the tights will give him a wedgie. In another episode, Ravi Ross says he wants to reduce his wedgie ratio to one per fortnight. Luke replies that if he says words like fortnight it'll be a long, 'wedgie-rific' year. Also when Luke has a parachute on he says he has a parachute wedgie.

Foster Wedgie

In Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends episode See No Red, Mac is given a wedgie by his older brother Terrance. In Frankie, My Dear episode, Mac and Bloo states Frankie gives Dylan an atomic wedgie.

In the Nickelodeon sitcom, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, Ned tells the janitor that his arch enemy Loomer gave him the biggest wedgie of his life when he was younger.

Malcolm in the Middle Wedgie

In Malcolm in the Middle episode Krelboyne Picnic, Reese is hung by his boxers on a wire fence by Eraserhead's older brother; Malcolm and Reese also torture Dewey with a hanging melvin to get the car keys.

Iclary Wedgie

In iCarly, Freddie receives a wedgie from Sam while the two were hugging. In another episode, Gibby is wearing nothing but a trash can with holes for his legs. Sam tries to give him a wedgie to see if it's possible while he's in a trash can. Gibby replies that it is possible. Sam and Carly give Jonah, Sam's boyfriend, a wedgie bounce, where he is given a hanging wedgie from a hook, with the hook bouncing up and down. In the episode "iGot Detention", Gibby receives at least two Texas wedgies. In iGo Nuclear, Sam attempts another wedgie on Gibby but instead rips off his briefs.

Scrubs Wedgie

In Scrubs episode My Missed Perception, Todd gets a four story atomic wedgie from The Janitor, and in My Kingdom, JD receives a hanging wedgie from employees.

Ben 10 Wedgie Ben 10 wedgie

In Ben 10 episodes And Then There Were 10, The Unnaturals, and Goodbye and Good Riddance, bullies JT and Cash give Ben and the other nerd hanging wedgies, but Ben gives the two bullies hanging wedgies as XLR8 for revenge. In another episode, Grampa Max got wedgied by an electric creature. He got the other wedgie by having his briefs wedgied by a nightmarish JT and Cash.

Simpsons Wedgie Simpsons Wedgie Simpsons Wedgie 2 S Wedgie 3 S Wedgie 4

In The Simpsons episode Revenge is a Best Dish, Lisa tells a story about revenge, and Milhouse has a power glove which he uses to give Dolph and other kids wedgies. In another episode, Bart is pantsed and given a hanging wedgie by three bullies. In another episode, Nelson flings Martin by his underwear into a group of other nerds calling it "Angry Nerds" in a reference to the game Angry Birds. In one episode, Data (the one with the green shirt and black curly hair, yeah, the one with big glasses that isn't Milhouse) has his underwear tied to a pole in the schoolyard, after the school has been divided into a girls' half, and a boys' half; he is dangling in the air, and pushed around by Jimbo Corky Jones, Kearney and Dolph.

In Two and a Half Men episode Back Off Mary Poppins, Charlie hugs Alan, and then reaches down and gives him a wedgie. In another episode, Alan hugs Charlie and tries to wedgie him, however when he finds out Charlie isn't wearing underpants Charlie remarks I'm not wearing any underwear but thanks for scratching my ass! Also, in the episode I Always Wanted a Shaved Monkey, Alan claims that his brother gave him an atomic wedgie every day when they were kids.


In Futurama episode Parasites Lost, Fry opens the back of his pants and drops a micro-droid of himself into.

SBSP Wedgie SBSP Wedgie 2

In SpongeBob SquarePants episode The Battle of Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob received an atomic wedgie by Patrick. In No Weenies Allowed episode, Patrick gets an invisible wedgie. In Suds episode, SpongeBob gives himself an atomic wedgie. In Hooky episode, Mr. Krabs gives a fish a wedgie. In another part of the same episode, SpongeBob receives the dangling wedgie. In Survival of the Idiots episode, Sandy gives SpongeBob and Patrick wedgies.

Danny Phantom Wedgie DP Wedgie DP Wedgie 2

In Danny Phantom episode Splitting Images, Danny gives Dash an atomic wedgie and dumps frogs down his pants, while in another dimension in another ghost's body, Danny is given an atomic wedgie by a greaser. In Reign Storm movie, Dash hangs Danny on the Nasty Burger flagpole by his briefs.

In King of the Hill episode Hilloween, Boomhauer is given a wedgie during the gang's first attempt at a flying ghost by having the rope attacked to the back of his jeans. As Boomhauer is picking his wedgie Bill states that he too has a wedgie and he starts picking along with Boomhauer.

DAJ Wedgie

In Drake And Josh, Josh gets a wedgie at a local jail from a prisoner. In the episode "The Affair" the opening is Drake and Josh talking about when Josh climbs a tree and falls, he is saved by his underwear being hooked on the way down. It is also mentioned that he was in a lot of pain.

In Family Matters episode, "The Psycho Twins", Waldo gives himself a melvin and Steve Urkel receive two wedgies one from a bootcamp sergeant and in Wedding Bell Blues one by Carl to save him from falling off the church bell.

Even Stevens Wedgie

In Even Stevens, Beans gives Louis a wedgie using a fishing pole, and in the Hall Monitor episode two bullies are giving a kid a wedgie, Louis gives them wedgies as punishment for bullying.In another episode a kid tries to see if it is possible to give himself a wedgie, he can.

Lizzie McGuire Wedgie

In the Lizzie McGuire episode "Lizzie's Eleven", Matt (Jake Thomas) receives an atomic wedgie in his Briefs (tighty whities) from his sister Lizzie as a way to get him to cooperate. Lizzie states "yanking drawers up can be a big timesaver."

In Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Zack receives three different hanging wedgies from his summer school classmates who consider him to be a nerd. In a first season episode Zack and Cody have just gotten off the bus and are in the lobby. Cody starts reaching like he is adjusting his underwear and says to Zack, Why do you always give me a wedgie on the bus?" Zack replies, "Because we can't afford a cab.

Fairly OddParents Wedgie Fairly OddParents Wedgie 2 FOP Wedgie 3

In the Fairly Odd Parents episode "Dream Goat", Timmy received a normal wedgie, and an atomic wedgie by Vicky, and an atomic wedgie. Near the end of the same episode, Chompy the goat gives Vicky a wedgie, exposing her pink panties. In the pilot episode, Timmy imagines giving Francis a fork lift wedgie as an adult. In another episode, Timmy tries to hide in his pants from Vicky, Vicky gets him out by giving him a fork lift wedgie. In another episode, a substitute teacher rewards gold stars for everything, including Francis giving Chester a huge wedgie. In another episode, Francis gives both Chester and AJ wedgies to hear them scream, but in this episode there is no sound, so he tries it again and again. Timmy gets revenge for them by giving Francis hanging wedgie from the flagpole. In yet another episode, Francis gives Mr. Crocker, who is in Timmy's body, a hanging wedgie from a flagpole. When Crocker gets down, he states Wow, that was a super wedgie! I still have time to waddle home uncomfortably.

Kids Next Door Wedgie

On the Cartoon Network cartoon Kids Next Door, Numbah 4 gets a bunch of wedgies from the Wedgiesauros during Operation: B.U.L.L.Y., all planned by a another kid that received a permanent wedgie from Numbah 4 in the first grade. Some wedgies included are the classic wedgie, the around the world wedgie, the wedgie wedgie, and so on. Later when they try to escape, Numbah 4 is giving a flying wedgie. In Operation: P.L.A.N.E.T episode, Numbah 4 is given a dangling wedgie by the unicorn's horn. In another episode, the nerdy kid gets an atomic wedgie for the aftermath.

Cory In The House Wedgie

During an episode of Cory in the House, Cory is given a very large wedgie to keep him from running away after being caught doing another get rich quick scheme. During this time, he is shown to wear very stretchy tighty whities, which have his name written on the waistband. After his giant wedgie, his stretched out tighty whities hang out from the back of his pants for the remainder of the scene.

RobotBoy Wedgie

In Robotboy, Gus frequently receives wedgies from Donnie. Also when Donnie attains super strength and the ability to fly he gives hanging wedgies to a number of local children, as well as Gus who receives a ripping wedgie. Robotboy gives Donnie a hanging wedgie. In episode Don't Fight it!, Gus received an atomic wedgie by Donnie.

League of Super Evil Wedgie

In The League of Super Evil, the young Doktor Frogg receives a wedgie from Chuckles the clown. Then, Red Menace gets an atomic wedgie and a regular wedgie from his clone.

My Life As A Teenage Robot Wedgie MLAATR Wedgie 2

In My Life as a Teenage Robot episode Return of the Raggedy Android, Brad received an atomic wedgie by a space biker. At the end of the same episode, one alien was left, and Jenny was thinking about what they should do with him. He suggested an atomic wedgie, then gave himself one. In Price of Love episode, Sheldon's underwear got stuck causing to get a ripping wedgie.

In Wizards of Waverly Place, Max tells his sister, Alex, that he wants to clone himself and give himself a wedgie. He wants to know what a wedgie feels like but he wants to get one from someone he trusts.

The Secret Saturdays Wedgie

In the pilot episode of The Secret Saturdays, Zak receives a wedgie from his mother in order to save him from falling off a cliff. His mother later states she grabbed the first thing she could.

Honey I Shrunk the Kids The TV Show Wedgie

In the TV version of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, Nick receives a wedgie from his mother. He then states "Thanks for the wedgie, Mom." And states he'll need pliers to pick it out.

Edgemont Wedgie

In Edgemont, a bully is giving another kid a wedgie. While this is happening, the victim gets his cousin to blackmail another boy into helping out by giving the bully a wedgie, followed by a swirly.

In See Dad Run, Joe and Janie are looking at a video of Janie giving Joe a wedgie. The wedgie was apparently from the front and back. Their father said it looked like Joe was being flossed. Joe said he thought it would be funny, but it wasn't.

MrYoung Wedgie

In Mr. Young, three students walk down the hall with atomic wedgies, given to them by Echo. Also, Mr Young is given a wedgie in his briefs by a bully with an invisiblity suit on. The bully also makes kids wedgie themselves when he is on a break.

The X`s Wedgie 1 The X`s Wedgie 2

In The X's, Glowface tells Truman how badly his family treats him, flashing back to his sister giving him three atomic wedgies. For revenge, Truman gives his parents and sister each an atomic wedgie, and Glowface a normal wedgie.

In The Bill Engvall Show, Lauren says to Bryan, "Please help me so I don't have to give you a wedgie that will prevent you from having children."

Quantum Leap Wedgie

In Quantum Leap, Scott gets two wedgies from his older sister.

The Haunting Hour Wedgie

In The Haunted Hour episode "Swarmin' Norman" Norman received a wedgie in his tighty whities by the bully. He later gets revenge by making the bully give himself a wedgie in his boxers.

Ed Edd N Eddy Wedgie EENE Wedgie 2 EENE Wedgie 3 EENE Wedgie 4

In the Ed, Edd, n' Eddy episode, If It Smells Like an Ed, Jimmy receives the atomic wedgie by Eddy. In the episode Brother, Can You Spare An Ed?, Eddy decides to pay Sarah back her money by offering a wedgie service. This includes Kevin giving Ed and Edd hanging wedgies from a tree, and at the end, Eddy receives the same fate. In another episode, Eddy and Edd get atomic wedgies with Ed getting his pants shoved up from all around, and yet in another episode Eddy gives Jimmy 3 atomic wedgies. In An Ed is Born episode, Kevin giving Eddy a bicycle wedgie. In Cleanliness is next to Edness episode, Edd gave himself a melvin for pouring dirty milk on his underwear. In No Speak Da Ed episode, Rolf gives Johnny a dangling wedgie and threw him away from his shed. In Dueling Eds, the Eds pull the front of their pants out and Rolf pours eels into each.

In a Madtv's Crafty Girls sketch called "Rodeo", The girls are having their annual yard sale as usual but then they encounter two twin heavy set bull riders who they find extremely attractive. In order to impress them and to prove that she can be a bad girl, one of the girls decides to give the other a frontal wedgie. She grabs and yanks her white panties up from behind her. Near the end of the episode, they win the hears of the cowboys and jump on their backs to ride them away. During this, they still give each wedgies. Snapshot18

In The Amanda Show sketch, Judge Trudy, a nurse (portrayed of Nancy Sullivan) receives an atomic wedgie in her giant, pink granny panties by three children. In another sketch, a teacher, also portrayed by Nancy Sullivan, gets a hanging wedgie from cheerleaders.

Drawn Togather Wedgie

In Drawn Together, Toot receives an ripping wedgie from a popular girl.

My Gym Partner&#039;s A Monkey Wedgie

In My Gym Partner's a Monkey, the students give Adam a hanging wedgie. In "Don't Noc It Til You Try It" he's given a flying wedgie by a hawk.

Jackie Chan Adventures Wedgie

In Jackie Chan Adventures, Jade gives her clone a wedgie in really stretchy underwear. In another episode, Jade gives the school bully a wedgie.

Camp Lakebottom Wedgie

In Camp Lakebottom episode Afternoon of the Living Gitch, Gretchen gives Squirt a ripping wedgie. In the second part of the same episode, Gretchen received a hanging wedgie from Squirt's posessed underwear. In Pranks for Nothing episode, the master prankster guy received a wedgie by Armond. In Terror from the Toybox episode, McGee gives himself an atomic wedgie. In Slimeball Run episode, McGee gives himself a ripping wedgie. In Monkey See, Monkey Kung Fu episode, Squirt gives himself a Melvin. In Pandora's Jock episode, McGee stopped by a painful wedgie.

SNL Wedgie 1 SNL Wedgie 2 SNL Wedgie 3

In the Saturday Night Live sketch MTV Spring Break U.K. `93, several ruffians give a male and a female newsreporter hanging wedgies.

In the show Blind Date, a an gives a woman a thong wedgie.

RML Wedgie RML Wedgie 2

In Rocko's Modern Life episode Canned, Rocko tells Spunky if Ed Bighead had a permeated wedgie. In I Have No Son episode, Rocko has been given the hanging wedgie by the blind frog. In Frog's Best Friend episode, Ed Bighead has been given a hanging wedgie. In Rocko's Happy Vermin episode, Flecko the fly grabbed Ed Bighead's mouth and gave him into an atomic wedgie. In Seat to Stardom episode, Rocko received a front wedgie by the boss.

JB Wedgie JB Wedgie 2 JB Wedgie 3 Lady pours drink into johnny s pants by capfal-d89pw3e

In Johnny Bravo episode Get Stinky, Johnny gives himself a wedgie. In another episode Freudian Dip, Carl gives a young Johnny a wedgie from the flashback. At the another part of the episode, Johnny gets revenge on Carl and gives him a wedgie. In Run, Johnny, Run episode, a lady gives Johnny an atomic wedgie and she hits on him. In Buffoon Lagoon episode, Johnny gets the hanging wedgie from the narwhal. In Galaxy Boy episode, Kharlok received a galactic wedgie and a noogie by Johnny Bravo. In Johnny Bravo and the Amazon Woman episode, Johnny received a dangling wedgie by Christopher the elephant. In Bravo Dooby-Doo episode, Johnny gets a hanging wedgie. In A Reject Runs Through episode, Johnny tries to catch a fish and he gives himself a hook wedgie. In "My Fair Dork" a lady gives Johnny a front opening wedgie and dumps her drink into his pants.

My Dad the Rock Star 01-a Buzz hangs Willy by his underwear

In My Dad the Rockstar, episode High Infidelity, Bobby sneaks behind Willy and gives him a wedgie as he lifts him up in the air. He laughs as he holds Willy by his underwear with his right arm. Then Bobby takes off a nearby plant that was hanging from a hanger with his left arm and he lifts Willy's underwear up to the hanger to hang in its place. Bobby laughs away and Willy is left hanging by his underwear. Two strangers in a van saw Bobby giving Willy the hanging wedgie and followed him. One guy complimented Bobby by saying "nice wedgie back there kid" which Bobby replied by saying "thanks".

Mr Bean Wedgie

In the Mr. Bean episode Tee Off, Mr. Bean, a bully in the launderette gives Mr. Bean a jock loft wedgie. In Mind the Baby, Mr. Bean episode, Mr. Bean gives the boy an atomic wedgie in the arcade.

B&amp;M Wedgie B&amp;M Wedgie 2 B&amp;M Wedgie 3 B&amp;M Wedgie 4 B&amp;M Wedgie 5 B&amp;M Wedgie 6

In The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy episode The Nerve, Sperg is giving Billy a wedgie and at the same episode, Billy gives Sperg a wedgie. In Wrongest Yard episode, Sperg gives Billy and Irwin dangling wedgies and at the end of the same episode, Billy and Irwin were in hanging wedgies. In Ecto Cooler episode, Sperg gives Pud'n a wedgie. Billy gives Irwin a wedgie. In The Schlubs episode, the schlub received a noogie and a wedgie. In Billy and the Bully episode, Sperg gives Irwin an atomic wedgie and then, Sperg gives Billy an atomic wedgie. In The Trycicle of Terror episode, Billy receives the hanging wedgie (or the atomic wedgie, if Sperg answers) by Sperg. In Bully Boogie episode, Grim receives the hanging wedgie by Boogie. In Pandora's Box episode, Sperg gives Billy a ripping wedgie. In Billy and Mandy Moon the Moon episode, The other alien receives a wedgie by Sperg. In The Good, the Bad and the Toothless episode, Sperg gives the old cowboy a wedgie for waking him up. In Secret Snake Club episode, the leader of the Secret Snake Club gets a wedgie, noogie and a swirly from the flashback. In Billy Gets A A+ episode, thuggish Pudd'n gives a nerdy Billy a small atomic wedgie. In the Underfist: Halloween Bash special episode, the chocolate bar soilder gives Sperg a wedgie. In Wrath of the Spider Queen special episode, the younger Grim received a wedgie by the younger Boogie from the flashback. In Puddle Jumping episode, an old lady gives Billy a ripping wedgie. In Billy & The Bully, Billy pulls the front of his pants out to wonder why he wear underwear.

B&amp;B Wedgie B&amp;B Wedgie 2

In Beavis and Butt-head episode Stewart's House, Stewart Stevenson received the hanging wedgie by Beavis and Butt-head. In Sick episode, Beavis received a melvin by himself.

HA! Wedgie HA! Wedgie 2 HA! Wedgie 3 HA Wedgie 4

In Hey Arnold! episode Helga Blabs it All, Helga gets a dangling wedgie by using the rope. In Full Moon episode, Principal Waltz interrupts Harold and Harold gives himself a melvin. In Veteran's Day episode, a younger Grandpa Phil gives Adolf Hitler a wedgie back in his days. In April Fools' Day episode, Joey gets a hanging wedgie from the flagpole in the background. In another part of the episode, Stinky's pet turtle gives Helga a biting wedgie at the end of the episode.

RS Wedgie RS Wedgie 2

In Regular Show episode Go Viral, the ninja gives the guy a wedgie. In second part of same the episode, the ninja gives the thug a huge wedgie and then, the thug punches the ninja. In the third part of the same episode, where the ninja gives the Warden of the Internet a ripping wedgie. In Starter Pack episode, Thomas received an atomic wedgie by Muscle Man. In Terror Tales of the Park IV episode, Muscle Man gives himself a ripping wedgie.

TAWOG Wedgie

In The Amazing World of Gumball episode The Ghost, Gumball recieved a ripping wedgie by Darwin. In The Fridge episode, Gumball gets a small hanging wedgie and loses his trunks. In The Plan episode, Gumball gets an another hanging wedgie. In The Wand episode, Gumball and Darwin gives Richard a ripping wedgie.

IZ Wedgie IZ Wedgie 2 IZ Wedgie 3

In Invader Zim episode A Room With A Moose episode, Rob gives Dib a wedgie. In Tak: The Hideous New Girl episode, Carl gives Melvin an atomic wedgie. In the another scene of the episode, Tak gives Zim an atomic wedgie after Zim giving Tak a present. In Dibship Rising episode, Dib asks Robodib for remembering the time when he is given a wedgie by the kids.

JT Wedgie JT Wedgie 2

In Johnny Test episode Johnny Long Legs, Bumper received an atomic wedgie by Johnny Test. In Johnny on the Spot episode, Johnny Test, who is from the black hole, gives Bumper a ripping wedgie at the end of the episode. In Spotless Johnny episode, Johnny Test turns invisible and gave the bullies In Dolly Johnny episode, Susan and Mary makes Johnny to give himself a wedgie. In Dial J for Johnny episode, Johnny Test received the hanging wedgie by famous peoples from history for getting revenge on them. In Johnny VS. Bling Bling Boy II episode, a baby Bling-Bling Boy turns Johnny, Dukey and himself back into normal, and Susan gives a baby Bling-Bling Boy a diaper wedgie.

In the reality show, I Bet You Will, several women at a Russian nightclub are payed to get wedgies.

TAB Wedgie TAB Wedgie 2

In The Angry Beavers episode Muscular Beaver, Daggett (as Muscular Beaver) gives himself a melvin. In Big Round Fish Sticky Thingy episode, Norbert and Daggett received fur wedgies by each others. In Muscular Beaver 3 episode, Treeflower gives Daggett (as his alter-ego, Muscular Beaver) a dangling wedgie for saving his life. In the old Nickelodeon commercial of the show, Norbert and Daggett takes their pants for the contest but, Norbert wins. Daggett while being naked, gives Norbert a long wedgie to himself. In Up All Night 2: Up All Day episode, Norbert gives himself a melvin. In Das Spoot episode, Norbert gives Daggett an atomic wedgie before looking at the statue of the man. In Muscular Beaver 5 episode, Daggett (as Muscular Beaver) and Norbert (as Baron Bad Beaver) received wedgies. In Norberto y Daggetto en El Grapadura y el Castor Malo episode, Norbert and Daggett gives the wrestler a big wedgie.

CT Wedgie

In The Cramp Twins episode Weepin' Wayne episode, Wayne received the hanging wedgie.

WWA Wedgie WWA Wedgie 2 WWA Wedgie 3

In What's with Andy? episode Gooey Chewies episode, Andy gives a guy a wedgie. In The Great American Lock-In episode, Andy and Danny received hanging and atomic wedgies by Peter and Andrew. In The Passing Prank episode, the jock received a ripping wedgie. In Pranks a Lot episode, Peter and Andrew gives Andy and Danny hanging wedgies while they talked about wrestling. In Weight to Go episode, Danny has been given a wedgie by Peter. In Prank Watch episode, Andy gets a ripping wedgie in a fence at near of the end of the episode. In The Answers episode, Andy and Danny are given hanging wedgies. In Playing Dead episode, Andy ends up sleeping and getting a hanging wedgie in the tree.

In Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue!, Shaggy and Scooby sneak up on Dr. Pribes and give him an atomic wedgie.

TDI Wedgie TDI Wedgie 3

In Total Drama Island, DJ states that he got a wedgie flop from landing butt first after jumping from a big diving board into the local pool. In Basic Straining episode, Geoff gives Harold a ripping wedgie with a fishing pole. In Not Quite So Famous episode, Harold gives himself a wedgie.

TDI Wedgie 2

In Total Drama World Tour episode The EX-Files, Owen gives himself an atomic wedgie and sings his song in a high-pitched voice.

YOTY Wedgie

In Yvon of the Yukon episode Call of the Mild, Yvon remembered back in the earlier years when he is given a massive wedgie for three yards away by the guardsman. In second part of the episode, Tommy accidentally gives Yvon a ripping wedgie while fishing. In the third part of the episode, Yvon fell over the cliff and suddenly, he gets his underwear hung by the stick at the cliff. In another episode, Yvon is given a dangling wedgie by the leader of the corp in the island. In Mad Dog Ducharme episode, Bill puts terrier bombs in Yvon's briefs and grab his briefs up. In Special Duh-livery episode, Yvon gives himself an atomic wedgie. In Daddy Dumbest episode, Dil and Chuck gives Specs Cranium an atomic wedgie. In Officer and the Frenchman episode, Yvon and Harland gives each other atomic wedgies in the fight. In another part of the episode, Dil and Chuck running around while they get atomic wedgied. They bumped to the Major Sweetly and they are given wedgies by him.

American Dad Wedgie 1 American Dad Wedgie 2 American Dad Wedgie 3 American Dad Wedgie 4

In American Dad! episode Spelling Be My Baby, Hayley received a front wedgie by Roger. In Brains, Brains and Automobiles episode, the popular boys grabbed Steve and his friends' "tighty-wighty" briefs into elaborate wedgies. In another episode, Steve received himself an front atomic wedgie. In another episode, a black man remembered back in the days, where he has been given an atomic wedgie by Roger.

South Park Wedgie

In South Park episode Cat Orgy, Shelly gives Cartman two atomic wedgies and another scene, Shelly's older boyfriend shows up at the Cartman house and gives Eric Cartman an atomic wedgie. In Butters Pimp episode, Butters gets a hanging wedgie.

6Teen Wedgie 6T Wedgie

In the 6Teen episode, The Swami, Nikki gives Jude a wedgie for giving Caitlin advice , which she passed on to Wyatt, causing to be motivated to face his fear of heights on the ladder, only to find himself still acrophobic and can not get down.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia Wedgie 1 Always Sunny in Philadelphia Wedgie 2 Always Sunny in Philadelphia Wedgie 3

In It`s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode The High School Reunion Part 1,Mac and Charlie recevie wedgies from old school bullies,Dee also gives Frank a wedgie.In the episode The High School Reunion Part 2,Frank, Mac and Charlie gives give Dee a wedgie.

According To Jim Wedgie

In the ABC show According to Jim episode Rules of Engagement, Dana gives Andy a wedgie.In another episode Trashed, Jim gives Andy a wedgie.

All That Wedgie 1 All That Wedgie 2 All That Wedgie 3

In the Nickelodeon show All That, there are several Skits involving wedgies.

Absolutely Fabulous Wedgie

In the British comedy show Absolutley Fabulous episode Gay, A women gives another women a wedgie with her thong.

Tapas e Beijos Wedgie

In the Brazilian comedy show Tapas e Beijos, a women gives her cheating boyfriend a wedgie or cuecao.

Incredible Crew Wedgie

In Incredible Crew show, a guy receiving himself an atomic wedgie in the classroom setting.

In Zimmerman show, the two nerds at there at high school reunion to use robots to give everyone atomic wedgies and noogies.

HH Wedgie

In Horrid Henry episode Horrid Henry's Underpants, Peter recieved a Melvin by himself what Henry discovers who the person has pink underpants.

In deleted scenes of The Big Bang Theory, Penny describes what she was doing in the past, at one point she says she was going to high school and dating boys. It is then revealed in a flashback, that she was giving her little brother an atomic wedgie. This was most likely deleted so they didn't have to create a little brother storyline.

In Jersey Shore, while Snooki is lying on the floor, Jwoww gives her a wedgie.

KVSK Wedgie KVSK Wedgie 2 KVSWedgie 3

In Kid VS. Kat episode Tom-Kat Foolery, Cooper gets an atomic wedgie. In Flea Brains episode, Kat used the robots to control Cooper, to gave himself an atomic wedgie. In Capture the Kat episode, Millie will get tough and gave Harley a atomic wedgie. In The Bottyguard episode, Kat gives Coop a wedgie. In You Scream, I Scream episode, the teen-aged bully gives Coop and his friends wedgies. In the another part of the same episode, the bully is getting a hanging wedgie from the tree. In You Kat See Me episode, an invisible Kat gives Coop a wedgie and then, his dad gives Coop a wedgie. In Kickin Butler episode, Coop gives Dennis a ripping wedgie.

Stoked Wedgie

In Stoked episode Board and Confused, Reef gets couple of wedgies. In another episode, Emma and Finn argue with each other then, Finn gives Johnny an atomic wedgie. In another episode, a god Emma gets a large wedgie by the evil Emma.


In Captain Flamingo, A crazy ape gives everyone wedgies.

In Krypto the Superdog episode Diaper Madness, Krypto grabs Kevin by his pants and his white underwear is shown inside.

P&amp;F Wedgie P&amp;F Wedgie 2

In Phineas and Ferb episode Bully Bromance Breakup, Baljeet received a wedgie by Buford. In another part of the episode, Baljeet gives Buford a massive wedgie and the kids gives Buford a parachute wedgie. In Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation! episode, Buford gives Baljeet a wedgie. In Wizard of Odd episode, Baljett (who is Nerdcrow) gets a hanging wedgie. In Family Christmas Vacation episode, Buford mentions he will give wedgies to Buford and other nerds.

DCN Wedgie

In the DC Nation short, Supergirl gives Superman a wedgie.

XS Wedgie XS Wedgie 2 XS Wedgie 3

In Xiaolin Showdown episode The Evil Within, a evil Clay Bailey gives Jack Spicer a wedgie. In another part of the same episode, during a mock battle between Omi and Chase Young, where Chase's staff catches on Omi's pants causing to get a dangling wedgie. In The Apprentice episode, Raimundo is given a flipping wedgie by the robot Raimundo. In Pandatown episode, Kimiko Tohomiko's beltsrap gives a bad guy a wedgie.

RC Wedgie

In Robot Chicken, a nerd received an atomic wedgie by the jock. In another episode, a kid received a wedgie by the bully. In the another episode, the bully gives a nerd a wedgie and stuffs him in a locker.

HKP Wedgie

In Hong Kong Phooey episode Car Thieves, Hong Kong Phooey reads the Kung Fu book and he does the flying kick, and he is getting a hanging wedgie on the pole. In The Penthouse Bulgaries episode, Hong Kong Phooey stops the gorilla for stealing everything and, the gorilla yells at him, and Hong Kong Phooey suddenly getting a hanging wedgie from the hook. In the episode Professor Presto episode, a knight gives Hong Kong Phooey a wedgie.

In the cartoon Stickin' Around, Bradley was always wedgied by Lance and Russell.


In Sidekick, Vana Glame gets an atomic wedgie by her older sister, Savannah. Savannah later gets an atomic wedgie by Vana for revenge with both sisters wearing pink panties.

Jetsons Wedgie JEtson Wedgie

In The Jetsons episode TV Or Not To TV, George Jetson and the other guy gets dangling wedgies while talking about TVs. In Elroy's Pal episode, George Jetson gets another wedgie. In The Flying Suit episode, George Jetson gets a dangling wedgie by the vehicle. In another part of the episode, Mr. Cogswell gives a guy a small wedgie.

Bottom Wedgie Bottom Wedgie 2

In Bottom episode Break, Richie gets a massive wedgie by Eddie. In the first stage show, Richie gives himself a Melvin for using the magnifying glass for looking from his underwear. In the fifth stage show, Richie and Eddie giving themselves wedgies.

RI Wedgie

In Rabbids Invasion episode Rabbids Undies, the rabbid gets each others wedgies.

D VS Wedgie 1 D VS Wedgie 2

In Dan VS. episode The Beach, Dan gives a man a big wedgie for putting sand on his trunks. In The High School Reunion episode, Elise gives Dan a wedgie and stuffs him into locker. In another part of the episode, Chris remembered he has been given a wedgie in the olden days. In The Mechanic episode, Chris received an ripping wedgie by the harmful dog. In Summer Camp episode, the kid escaped and picking himself a wedgie. He states they had been given a wedgie by the bullies.

YYY Wedgie 1 YYY Wedgie 2 YYY Wedgie 3

In Yin, Yang, Yo episode A Case of Evils, Yang puts on the Adult Diapers of Doom and gives himself a wedgie which activates them granting the user enhanced physical strength and musculature. In Dave Master episode, Dave is getting a wedgie. In Enter the Ant episode, Yang received a wedgie by Yin. In An Oldie but a Goodie episode, Coop is given an atomic wedgie.

R&amp;S Wedgie R&amp;S Wedgie 2

In Ren and Stimpy episode A Littlest Giant, Stimpy is given a wedgie by the big bullies. In No Pants Today! episode, Victor the bully gives himself a Melvin. In another part of the episode, Victor's dad gives himself a ripping wedgie and gives his briefs to Stimpy. Stimpy who is in Victor dad's briefs and he is happy to give himself a wedgie. In Lair of the Lummox episode, Kowalski gives himself a ripping wedgie. In Space Dogged episode, Ren gives himself a Melvin.

Looney Tunes Wegdie

In The Looney Tunes Show episode Bugs & Daffy Get A Job, Daffy Duck gives himself a huge "jockstrap" wedgie.

Being Ian Wedgie 1 Being Ian Wedgie 2 Being Ian Wedgie 3 Being Ian Wedgie 4

In Being Ian episode Cyrano de Mille, Kyle gives Korey a wedgie for explaning. In Dorkbusters episode, Ian, Korey and Dennis are given wedgies by the other bullies. In Show Me The Bunny episode, Korey gives Ian a wedgie. In Bad Day at the White Rock episode, Kyle gives Korey a flipping wedgie and in another part episode, Korey and the beach girl will give Ian a wicked wedgie. In Out of Focus Group episode, Ian mind controls Korey and he gives himself an atomic wedgie. In Joust Kidding Around episode, Ian's dad gives himself a melvin. In O Brother, Where Art Thou? episode, Korey gives Ian a wedgie in Ian's flashback. In another episode, Ian tries to cheer Sandri up and gives himself an atomic wedgie. In School Unfair episode, Ian gets angry at Kyle and he suddenly gives Ian an atomic wedgie.

CL Wedgie 1 CL Wedgie 2

In Camp Lazlo episode Hot Spring Fever, Raj and Samson gets their trunks ripped from the bushes causing to get ripping wedgies. In 7 Deadly Sandwiches episode, Raj is picking himself a wedgie. In Are You There, It's Samson episode, Samson gives Chip and Skip atomic wedgies. In Strange Trouts from Outer Space episode, Samson receives a small wedgie by the alien. In Edward's Big Bag episode, Clam gives Milt a huge ripping wedgie , caused his boxers into the tent.


In Totally Spies episode "Stark Raving Mad", Alex receives a huge "jockstrap" wedgie from one of Saga's henchmen.

In Hollyoaks episode 11th September 2015 Reenie McQueen gives her daughter Porsche McQueen a wedgie after her daughter makes a comment about her mother shoving her knickers in her neighbours faces.

Proud family stuffing a pillow into zoey s pants by capfal-d89vqjy

In The Proud Family episode "Makeover", Dijonay gives Zoey a back opening wedgie and stuffs a pillow
Heffer bouncer wedgie.gif snapshot 00.00 -2018.07.19 18.19.27-
into Zoey's pants.

In Rocko's Modern Life, Heffer receives a wedgie from a bouncer in the episode "An Elk for Heffer"

Films Edit

TJB1967 Wedgie TJB1967 Wedgie 2

In The Jungle Book, Mowgli receives a ripping wedgie from Bagheera when he refuses to go to the Man Village. He later receives a hanging wedgie from King Louie.

Ranjan-cloth (1) Junglebook2 757

In The Jungle Book 2, Ranjan receives a ripping wedgie from a tree branch when he tries to follow Shanti. He later receives a hanging wedgie from Baloo.

In Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Omid gives Behrang a back opening wedgie and steals the money from his pants.

In The Road to El Dorado, Tulio receives a painful wedgie from Chel when the gang hide from Cortes' army.

In The Sasquatch Gang, Jeremy Sumpter (as Gavin Gore) receives a wedgie (actually a melvin) in his briefs from a bully. The tighty whities are ripped off.

In Funky Monkey, Seth Adkins (as Michael) receives a wedgie from a bully while trying to impress a girl he likes. His tighty whities are made visible to the girl.

In Zoolander, Ben Stiller (as Derek Zoolander) tries to win a modeling competition by removing his briefs without removing his pants. He fails, and in the process gives himself a Melvin.

In The Suite Life Movie, the twins, as part of a research internship for Cody, eat a special fruit and feel what the other can feel. They then fight by hurting themselves, and Zack gives himself a wedgie to give Cody a wedgie. Cody pleads with him, saying that he's wearing briefs, and Zack says that they will have a runway for when he takes them off.

In Tom and Jerry: The Movie, while the house is on fire, Tom pulls Robyn by her pants to safely.

AEGM Wedgie

In An Extremely Goofy Movie, Tank gives PJ a power wedgie after he makes fun of their fraternity name. PJ's underpants are pulled from both the front and the back over his head, and he is lifted off the ground.

Scary Movie Wedgie 1 Scary Movie Wedgie 2

In Scary Movie 2, Buddy gives Cindy Cambell a wedgie, he later receives a wedgie from a ghost later.

Scary Movie 3 Wedgie

In Scary Movie 3, Pamela Anderson gives Jenny McCarthy a wedgie in pink panties.

In Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, Bill & Ted give the Grim Reaper a melvin, who gives the main villain, Chuck De Nomolos, a melvin as well near the conclusion of the film.

In Superhero Movie, Drake Bell gives a villain a wedgie while fighting him.

Treehouse Hostage Wedgie 2 03

In Treehouse Hostage, 10 year old Buddy gives escaped convict Carl Banks (Jim Varney) a wedgie while tied up. Carl then escapes and gives Buddy a hanging, atomic wedgie for information/revenge.

In Jackass: The Movie, Raab Himself gives himself a hanging wedgie by jumping out of a tree while his underwear is secured to its branches.

Ant Bully Wedgie

In The Ant Bully (film), Lucas has his underwear ripped off by a neighborhood bully.

Shredderman Rules Wedgie

In the Nickelodeon movie, Shredderman, the main character is lifted into the air by the front and back of his pink boxers by a bully.

Aliens in the Attic Wedgie

In Aliens In The Attic, at an end scene, Tom, the protagonist and Beth, his older sister use the alien remote controls to activate the dormant Zurkonian control plug shot into Ricky (Beth's douchebag ex-boyfriend) early in the film, by the evil alien platoon. The siblings are shown using it to embarass him (they mention keeping the remotes, so presumably this will not be the last time they do it). They make him do loads of ridiculous stuff in front of an attractive girl whom he is starting dating, as well as her friends. One thing they make him do is announce WEDGIE TIME!. At their command, he then turned around and pulled the back of his underwear a few inches over his waistline.

In The Benchwarmers, a coach has his boxers hung on a fence.

Nacho Libre Wedgie

In Nacho Libre, Ramses gets his gold briefs in a atomic wedgie.

In Meet the Spartans, a Persian is given a wedgie and thrown back by his underwear.

George of the Jungle Wedgie

In George of the Jungle (film) George gives Thor's, one of the villains, underpants an atomic wedgie. In this wedgie, it is revealed that he wears very stretchy tighty-whiteys that can reach his head.

In Eight Crazy Nights, Adam Sandler's character gives himself a ripping wedgie.

Casper A Spirited Beginning Wedgie 1 (3)

In Casper: A Spirited Beginning, a construction worker gets an atomic wedgie (his underwear is pulled over his head) by a ghost and the Bullies got hanging wedgies from the ghosts.

AATC Wedgie

In Alvin and the Chipmunks: A Squeakquel, the bullies are given wedgies by Alvin after terrorizing his brothers.

In Home Alone 4, Buzz mentions he held up his little brother, Kevin, to put a star on the Christmas tree, and then gives Kevin a wedgie. His mother mentions He makes a fuss, we all laugh...

Little Nicky Wedgie

In Little Nicky, serveral people including a dog are given hanging wedgies by one of the devils sons.

Cop And A Half Wedgie

In Cop and a Half, Devon receives a bouncing wedgie from two school bullies.

Anger Management Wedgie

In Anger Management, the local bully gives a kid several wedgies while wearing roller skates.

In Broken Arrow, Terry opens the back of her pants and tucks the gun 228 from Max in.

TSM Wedgie

In The Simpsons Movie, the bullies gave Martin Prince a hanging wedgie from the intro. In another part of the film, Bart gives Homer a dangling wedgie.

In Jinxed movie, a father in the Jinxed family received a major wedgie from a bungee cord that snaps loose.

KP Wedgie

In Kim Possible: So the Drama movie, Ron gives the sumo ninja a wedgie.

S2 Wedgie

In Shrek 2 movie, Pinocchio received a thong wedgie by the Gingerbread Man.

In Advertisements:

For Del Taco, there is an advert in which a man sees Del Taco's prices and realises everyone else is ripping him off. The restaurant let him vent his anger by bringing over an employee and letting the man give him a wedgie.

In an AOL commercial, while talking how AOL helps her with her school work, a girl gives her younger brother a fort lift wedgie saying "And I want an A this time!"

Tracfone Wedgie

In a Trackfone commercial, a kid is hanging from his tighty whities until his mom gets him down.

Safeauto Wedgie

In an advertisement for Safeauto Insurance, a man reveives a number of wedgies for not having car insurance.

In a Fruit Roll ups commercial, a kid gets a wedgie from two elves. He later looks at his fruit roll up fortune, telling him "Beware of the wedgie giving elves."

In a MariaCasino commercial, a woman is playing pool when she notices another woman leaning on the pool table. She gets so excited, she grabs her thong and yanks it up, giving her a wedgie.[1]

In a CavsMoondog commerical, Moondog gives unexpecting people wedgies. He gives a four men and one woman a wedgie. [2]

In a banned Tough Spot commerical, two women are laying on a beach relaxing when they notice a smoking hot dude in the water. They then fight over the guy, one of them giving the other a wedgie. [3]

In a Leisure Beer commerical, three men and one woman are given wedgies at a bar. They then laugh about it and the woman says "Whether you're giving or receiving a wedgie, follow it up with a Leisure beer."[4]


YO Wedgie

In The Young Ones Comic Relief live, Rick received a wedgie by himself at the audience​.

At the Upright Citizen Brigate, Onassis Comedy performed a skit called' No Napkins' where a food critic is eating at a restaurant. She is writing a review on the restaurant and eating their pasta when she gets some sause on her face. She looks around for some napkins and can't find any. So naturally, she decides to use her underwear to wipe of the sause. She reaches inside her pants and slowly and painfully pulls her underwear up to her face. She succeeds and wipes her face. The waiter only then comes out after she splits her cunt in two and hands her a napkin.


On the channel Hollywood is Hard, the two featured charterers, being Kim Kim and Furtron, have a series consisting of ten episodes where they give each other different wedgies. [[5]]

On the channel Romanatwood Vlogs, Roman likes to give his wife, Brittany, wedgies. The are currently two videos where Roman has given Brittany a wedgie. One entitled OMG! Worst Wedgie Ever, the other being Ultimate Wedgie Prank. In both, Roman ripped her thong.

On the channel Door3, Sam, the host, loses Debate Your Fate so as her punishment, Sean, the other host, gives her a latter wedgie, ripping off her red panties.[[6]]

On the channel CTFxC, Charles has given his wife, Ally, four wedgies in four different videos. One, being Got you Back, where he gave her a revenge wedgie while she was wearing pink panties. Another being Revenge Wedgie, where he gave her another revenge wedgie, showing off her new Pac-Man underwear. Another being Wedgie in public, where he gave her a small thong wedgie at a store. Last being Sneak Wedgie, where he gave multiple wedgies while she was cooking on Saint Patrick's Day, showing off her festive green Saint Patrick's Day underwear.

On the channel HesCrazyShesCrazy, Jason and Bri frequently give each other wedgies. Jason gives more wedgies to Bri though. He has given her eight wedgies in a span of eight videos. He gives them to her when she is ordering take out, when she is sleeping, when she is working out, washing the car, getting dressed, getting ready to go out, and as punishment for losing the Chubby Bunny challenge. He has compiled all of the wedgie moments into one video, excluding the last one because that happened after the video went up. [[7]]

In the video entitled Zyuohger Zyuoh The Gunrod Review! (Power Ranger Japan) from MMPRtoys, the opening scene is a skit where Bruno is reviewing the Gunrod and Mya is sitting at her computer. Bruno casts the line out and it hooks onto Mya's light pink underwear. As Bruno reels in the line, she is dragged by her underwear outside until he yanks the rod and pulls of her underwear​. She walks up to him and takes her panties back. [[8]]

On the channel SSSniperwolf, Lia, or SSSniperwolf as she is called on the internet, frequently does QnA's. In one QnA, a fan asks what is the most annoying thing that Sausage, her boyfriend, does and she replies that have gives her random wedgies then shows a clip of him giving her a wedgie, showing off her white thong. [9]

On the channel Will Carmark, Will, the onset of the channel, often does QnA's and in and in one episode, he is asked to give someone a wedgie so he decided to give his friend one. He goes up to her while she is laying down playing Sudoku and gives her a wedgie, exposing her black panties. She turns around and hits him then leaves. Later, he is asked to prank someone so he gives a girl doing yoga a wedgie, exposing her red undies. She hits him and leaves. [10]