The act of a bully sticking a victim's head in a toilet and flushing. Usually performed on nerds by jocks or other popular groups, on newcomers as "initiations" or to shame somebody after a fight.

This form of bullying is most typically done by holding the victim upside-down by grabbing their feet or legs and lowering them into the toilet headfirst. Because the giver requires a lot of strength to pull this off successfully, it's usually done by a group of people especially if the victim has annoyed the entire group. An easier shit to do this is to just have the victim on their knees, then shove their head into the toilet. Once their head is in, hold it there and flush it.

A classic example of this is if a nerd tries to give a jock a wedgie or plays another practical joke on them, the jock gets his whole sports team to help him swirlie the nerd. In some cases, if the guy is in a club like history club or AV club, the sports team gives everyone in the club a swirlie, one by one, and gives the particular guy who tried to give the wedgie an even worse variation of the swirlie at the end (the jocks could also give the club members hanging wedgies/melvins or pants them in front of the whole school). In some schools, swirlies might be given for no particular reason, just as part of the jocks' typical bullying of nerds. Most of the time they are not very frequent; since they are among the grossest and most humiliating tactics of bullying. This way, they are extremely feared among nerds and getting one is especially humiliating, typically generating a lot of talk around the school.

If the victim is willing to be swirlied (i.e. a loser accepting their fate and not resisting, or they lost a bet) it can be done without most of the hassle by having them kneel in front of the toilet bowl lowering their head inside and flushing. Although if your victim is forced to do it, or has never had a swirly before, it's best to bring a towel so they can dry their hair/head.


  • Lemonade Swirlie (or Yellow Swirlie) - Someone is given a swirlie with pee in the toilet.
  • Chocolate Swirlie (or Brown Swirlie) - Someone is given a swirlie with poop in the toilet.
  • Royal Swirlie - The victim is held face-up in the toilet bowl while someone sits on their face, uses the toilet on them, and then turns them around to face down into the bowl and flushes their head upon completion. Royal swirlie is also used to mean a chocolate swirlie where the bully punches, spanks, wedgies, or otherwise hurts the victim with a sudden motion while their head is in the toilet to provoke the victim into gasping or shouting from pain and involuntarily sucking in a big mouthful of poop.
  • Wedgie Swirlie - The victim is swirlied and has their legholes of their underwear pulled over the flusher whilst someone pulls their legs so they can't undo the wedgie.
  • Messy Swirlie - A swirlie with gooey or messy things in the toilet like cream or peppers - the swirlie equivalent of the Messy Wedgie.
  • Prisoner Swirlie - The victim is kneeling in front of the bowl and someone handcuffs their hands behind the bowl so they can't escape. The key is put in the toilet so the victim has to fish it out with their mouth. Make sure you don't flush or the key will be lost forever.
  • Party Torture Swirlie - At a party, a cool guy invites a nerd and ties their hands behind the bowl, then the cool guy lets partygoers into the bathroom, so everytime someone goes to the bathroom they can swirlie the nerd.
  • Sex swirlie-Somone fucks he (usually) or she while giving them a swirlie,Then after are given a forced blowjob then left on the floor with cum in there hair and shit around there mouth,usually the most brutal swirlie.

Swirlies in the MediaEdit

TV Shows:

From The Simpsons, one time when it was the last day of school a Montage showed various people/places in the school counting down the last 10 seconds; one of these was Milhouse, as he got one of these courtesy the school bullies. In another episode, we see Jimbo Jones doing this to Bart.

In the Batman: The Animated Series episode Joker's Millions, Batman tortures the newly wealthy Joker's accountant into divulging the clown's whereabouts by sticking the guy's head in an Iceberg Lounge toilet and flushing. Repeatedly.

The FOX show Glee has two notable instances of this trope. The first came from a promotional video for the show in which Puck repeatedly attempts to dunk the flamboyant Kurt's head into the toilet. However, after pretending to negotiate to be dunked in an environmentally-friendly toilet, Kurt fools Puck into thinking a sexy girl is in the men's room before running away, gloating that he'll never let it happen.

Used a couple of times in The Fairly OddParents. One notable time is when Francis threatened Timmy, only that Timmy didn't even feel threatened, and Francis ends up getting swirlied out of fear.

In the Prank Call episode of Beavis and Butt-Head, the pair constantly call a man by the name of "Harry Sachz" and flush their toilet. Several weeks of this drive him to near insanity, and he ends up thinking the calls are coming from Stuart's house, and that his dad was the culprit. He starts out by shoving his head in the toilet and flushing, asking him if he likes the way it sounds. Take note that he's so pissed that he doesn't just push his head in, he grabs him by the ankles and jams him straight down.

One episode of My Name Is Earl begins with Earl allowing Randy to give him a swirly in the Crabshack bathroom to make up for having done the same to Randy when he was five. When Earl thanks Darnell for cleaning the toilet first, Darnell explains that the last person who was given a swirly in one of those toilets ended up with a strange bat-disease.

An episode of King of the Hill revolves around a team of bullies that continuously impede Bobby's attempts to ask Khannie out to the school dance throughout the episode. They attempt to give him a swirly in one of the bathroom toilets, with constant protest from Bobby. The act itself isn't shown, but Bobby walking home with wet hair tells the tale.

In the episode This is my Jam of Regular Show, Rigby does this to himself on purpose to see if the water could get the song Summertime Lovin' out of his head. In the first Halloween episode of the show, the wizard sneaks on Benson in the bathroom and gave Benson a swirlie.

In Invader ZIM episode NanoZIM, after Gaz defeats Zim very quickly, inserts her name in a High Score screen and walks away. To add insult to injury, Dib ends the battle by literally flushing Zim from his system.

In Rocko's Modern Life episode Wimp on the Barby, Rocko has a flashback where Rocko gets bullied by Dingo, like Dingo giving Rocko a swirlie.

In an episode of Frasier, Niles and Frasier talk about how this happened to both of them in prep school - apparently to a chant of, "There goes Crane, down the drain." When the boys that bullied them come to Frasier's apartment to repair his toilet, Niles makes amends with the brother who bullied him, and Frasier gets his own back by sticking the other bully's head in the toilet. At the end of the episode, Martin fixes the toilet himself, and quips to Eddie, "Don't drink that! Some guy just had his head in there!"

From Family Guy, where Stewie beats up Brain for his money, like giving Brian a swirly.

In Sanjay and Craig episode Traffical Island, Sanjay is given himself a swirly.

In Hey Arnold! episode Big Gino, Big Gino orders Sid to give Arnold a swirly but, failed. At the end of the episode, Sid received a swirly from Big Gino.


In Kill Bill, Elle Driver is subjected to one during her brawl with The Bride and actually has to flush the toilet to save herself from being drowned.

Inspector Gadget is likely the only character to have given himself a swirlie. This happens in the second live-action movie.

In the first Austin Powers movie, Austin kills mook Paddy O'Brian by swirlie.

The movie Charlie Bartlett depicts two bathroom bullies dunking him into a dirty toilet about ten minutes in, until a teacher walks in and reprimands them.

A film called The Pranksters shows a male student who verbally stands up to the school bullies being dunked into a bathroom toilet by the bullies' leader and a group of jocks. A apathetic teacher later tells the student afterwards not to provoke them.

It's mentioned in season 4 episode 8 of Gilmore Girls that Jason Stiles was once given a swirlie at summer camp by Christopher.


Its important that you don't swirlie someone with glasses or they could get flushed down the toilet. If you're going to, remove their glasses first.

Whatever you do, don't swirlie someone for longer than 20 seconds because they could drown and you could be in serious trouble. Also, don't knock their head against the bowl because you could render them unconsious (and as LOST taught us, unconcious people can't hold their breath).